We merge reality with digital information to create sci-fi user experiences.


Taking up augmented reality development, we design and implement apps that blend physical and digital worlds to provide users with audio and visual information in a convenient and engaging way or entertain them creating fantasy-like experiences.

It’s up to you how to use AR: it can empower various software from viral games and advertising modules to education and manufacturing apps. We will ensure a feasible implementation of your idea taking one of the following approaches:

Location-based AR

To trigger augmented 2D/3D animation, sound or video, the user needs to get into a particular location with GPS turned on. It works both indoors and outdoors.

Our skillful AR developers will help you navigate the customer right to your store or engage gamers with a new Pokémon Go.

  • GPS
  • Compass
  • Beacons

Marker-based AR

Pointing a camera at a specific trigger point (AR marker) or looking at it through AR glasses or a special screen, the user can see life-like digital overlays with multimedia content and interact with them.

Use augmented models to demonstrate your products or educate users.

  • QR codes
  • Object recognition
  • Projections and superimpositions

Markerless AR

The user can see 3D content overlaid right onto their surroundings. The most sophisticated form of augmented reality, markerless AR is based on the simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology.

Create immersive experiences that the user would like to repeat and share.

  • Scene recognition
  • Simultaneous localization and mapping



Retail & ecommerce

In-store or online, let your customers discover the new fun of shopping. Retail brands can now blend the best of brick-and-mortar experience with the interactivity of digital outlets to win their buyers.

  • Interactive display
  • Interactive kiosk
  • Virtual try-ons
  • Smart fitting rooms
  • Beacon navigation


The cradle of reality augmentation, gaming is bound to be redefined by this emerging technology. Make your gamers walk around to discover fantastic elements in the harsh reality or entertain them with augmented interaction based on face and gesture recognition.

  • Mobile games
  • Desktop games
  • Social gaming apps
  • Interactive gaming screens


Create augmented reality applications for staff training and quality control.

  • Educational apps
  • AR schemes and guides
  • Automated quality assurance

Real estate & interior

AR is a major tool to save agents’ time and cut operational costs. Don’t miss the opportunity to invite your clients to interactive, customizable 3D property tours, or cut the sales cycle by rendering the finished interiors in mere seconds.

  • Architects’ apps
  • Real estate showrooms
  • Interior design apps

Marketing & advertising

Our augmented reality developers create solutions that let you grasp consumer attention right from the first encounter and generate publicity beyond ordinary.

  • Augmented catalogues
  • On-package advertising
  • In-store advertising

Media & entertainment

Bring more value to live events, TV broadcasting, and online video streaming through added information layers and enriched second-screen experiences.

  • Augmented broadcast
  • Trade show displays


Expand your AR app’s capabilities with other disruptive technologies.


Image and speech recognition, accurate mapping and more. Artificial intelligence allows for markerless AR, adding the text and image recognition capabilities. But that’s not all. Apart from that, AI makes possible:

  • Mapping an entire environment and blending it with a virtual world.
  • Adding depth perception, which expands the range of possible AR applications to include the assistance in complex manipulations and even surgeries.
  • Adding personalization to AR-based training sessions.
  • Optimizing rendering and compression of visual information which is crucial for real-time AR experiences.


A network of AR-enabled devices.

Futuristic on their own, connected devices make a truly sci-fi impression when combined with augmented reality. An AR-enabled smart device uses real-time data from its sensors to update the user with relevant notifications projected right onto the user’s surroundings.

This combo has already found its way into manufacturing and predictive maintenance. It’s only up to you to find new creative ways to use it.


The augmented sense of touch allows for high-level interaction. Seeing the world transmuted by AR is exciting but the ability to interact with it adds extra value both for companies and for end users. Allowing the user to touch and manipulate virtual objects, an AR application with haptics capabilities takes training and gaming to the next level.

For example, a worker would learn how to repair a mechanism much faster if he or she can actually try all the required manipulations on virtual mockups, while the instructor can watch all the movements precisely to give more objective advice. Speaking about gaming and entertainment, advanced haptics means even more fun giving the player more power in the virtual world.


Apart from handling AR development, we take on projects that deal with virtual and mixed reality. The technologies used to produce these effects is very similar to AR, although the results differ in many ways. VR immerses the user into an imaginary world, while MR creates a kind of reality that is half-real and half-virtual. The recently popularized term extended reality encompasses AR, VR, and MR in one concept shortened as XR. Basically, it combines all the advances of the above-mentioned with components of AI, IoT, and haptics.

Today, 27% of CxOs express their wish to pioneer in the adoption of extended. As a company that keeps up with the times, Iflexion also works on our own approach to XR and is ready to cooperate with other companies that want to test the waters.


We base our AR solutions on the most powerful platforms and SDKs. We will choose the most suitable toolset for your project – depending on technological complexity and devices you want to target.

ar technology stack
  • ARCore for Android projects
  • Vuforia mainly for iOS but can also be used for Android
  • ARKit for iOS projects
  • Unity for game development projects
  • Wikitude Augmented Reality for iOS projects


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