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Webinars and podcasts

Statin Intolerance

As part of the The Diet and Lipids Networking Group we investigated the prevalence of this condition; explored statin’s side effects and possible alternative treatment options; discussed the guidelines in place for statin intolerance; addressed common objections to their use and talked about strategies to overcome these challenges.

This meeting was chaired by Lynne Garton, Dietetic Adviser at HEART UK, with expert guest, Dr Peter Penson, Head of Subject (Pharmacy) & Reader in Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Liverpool John Moores University


Cholesterol Denialism and the Association with Low Carbohydrate Diets

Watch Dr Alan Flannagan and Lynne Garton discuss the popular claims denying elevated cholesterol is a risk factor for CVD, the evidence – or lack of - to support these claims, the association of this with low carbohydrate diets, the evidence for low carbohydrate diets in cholesterol management and how to address these issues in practice.


Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Dietary Plan©

Food choices for the dietary management of Cholesterol. Endorsed by the British Dietetic Association for CPD

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