Healthy starchy food

Starchy foods such as potatoes, yams, plantains and wholegrain cereal such as wholemeal bread and brown rice are excellent sources of fibre and energy.

We should try and include healthy starchy foods with every meal.

A medium yam, plantain or potato would count as a serving or 4-5 small new potatoes.

Wholegrain food

Wholegrain foods are made up of all parts of the grain, including the husk (the outer part of the grain) and the germ (the part that can grow into a new plant).

The husk provides important fibres which are key to maintaining a regular and healthy bowel function. Just as important is the germ which is rich in heart healthy fats and vitamins. Many processed cereal foods such as cakes, biscuits, white bread, pastry, white pasta are made from white flour which has had these nutritious parts of the grain removed.

What is a wholegrain food?

The definition of “wholegrain food” varies from country to country but most agree that a food qualifies if more than half of the ingredients in it are “wholegrain”.

There is no formal recommendation for how much to eat, but most scientists agree that we should eat at least three servings every day. 

Using your diet diary, can you see how you might be able to include more wholegrain foods? It could be a simple swap for what you are already eating.

What does a serving of wholegrains look like?


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