Ms Elphee Medici

BSc, PGDip

Consultant nutritionist, London


London, UK

Elphee Medici is a nutrition expert with over 30 years’ experience working in the NHS, industry and freelancing.  She advises on all matters relating to nutrition, health and sustainability.  Core skills include critiquing scientific research, interpreting findings in context of practical implications, and authorship of various evidence-based reports on topics such as heart health, sustainability, bone health, vitamin D, soya and plant-based diets.  Through her consultation work with Nutrilicious, Elphee was one of the originators of and continues to develop both consumer and health professional resources for the Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan© (UCLP©) in partnership with HEART UK. Her recent consultation work with HEART UK has led to the development of the Diet Checklist with an aim of making dietary changes simple, practical, tailored and realistic thus helping to improve the likelihood of patients maintaining healthier habits for the long-term. 

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