Skydive for HEART UK

Take to the skies and save lives!

Tandem Skydives for HEART UK

Experience the adrenaline rush that jumping out of a plane gives you and Skydive to save lives from high cholesterol and other blood fat conditions. 

Picture yourself standing at the open doorway of a plane, flying at 10,000 feet. Feel the air rushing past you and look out at the countryside below. Imagine edging towards the door, leaning forwards and then before you know it… 3..2..1.. jump!

Book your jumpDate: pick a date that suits you
OR contact the fundraising team to arrange a bespoke date
Where: choose from 22 skydiving centres around the UK to find the right location for you 
Cost:  £750  (inclusive of the cost of your jump which is usually around £300 depending on the centre). 

How does it work?

Book your jumpSimply buy your place through our partner company, Skyline. 

They’ll let us know once you’ve registered and we’ll send you a free HEART UK T-shirt along with a handy welcome pack filled with helpful fundraising ideas.

If you reach your fundraising target two weeks before your jump, HEART UK will cover the cost of your jump. If your target is not met, you will need to cover the cost of your jump on the day or you may need to reschedule your jump. 

3 reasons to book a Skydive!

1. You'll receive a free HEART UK t-shirt to wear on the day!
2. You'll get lots of support from both HEART UK and Skyline.
3. You'll be helping to save lives of people with high cholesterol and other blood fat conditions