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Top tips for getting the right protein balance for muscle fitness and cholesterol management

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Read how the UCLP© helped Agata, Ross and Beya in their journey to fitness while also bringing their cholesterol  down.

Agata (39) and Ross (33)

"I never expected my cholesterol would be high as I considered my diet and lifestyle to be healthy. I’m glad though, that I got my cholesterol checked in my 30s and have been able to adjust my eating pattern to manage it. I’d recommend any of my friends and family get theirs checked, too, even if they think they eat quite well and exercise regularly.”

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Beya (42)

“I didn’t realise how much lower in saturated fat plant and alternative protein foods are and how they could help me manage my cholesterol. I was also surprised at how tasty meals with plant protein were – and how they were often cheaper and quicker to prepare and cook”.  

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We are delighted that Quorn is ​our new supporting UCLP©​ partner for National Cholesterol Month 2022,​ alongside our founding partner Alpro.



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