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Iflexion redesigned the corporate sales knowledge portal for a leading US provider of business automation solutions. The enhanced UX/UI invigorated brand communication and corporate culture while reducing expenses associated with the portal support.

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Our customer is a leading US provider of virtualization, mobility and cloud networking services. The customer optimizes day-to-day operations of enterprises around the globe. In 30 years of its operation, the company has grown into an impressive 60,000+ pool of professionals distributed throughout the world.

Addressing their teams’ needs, the customer launched an internal portal – a centralized knowledge hub consolidating the company’s service documentation and reference data, event announcements, contact base and other sales-supporting information in a single digital storage.

Over time, the portal use rate dropped dramatically because of its cumbersome interface and poor content structure, which turned many of the company’s business users away and resulted in limited knowledge utilization. Besides, the portal support and maintenance provided by a local hosting company was proving inefficient and expensive.

To fix the problem, the company approached Iflexion, recognizing our experience in web portal design and a strong in-house competence in developing enterprise content management solutions.


Before the start of the project, the customer was facing three major problems with their sales knowledge management website:

  • Low traffic. Designed for thousands of internal users, the portal was only visited 10-20 times a month.
  • Non-compliance with the corporate brand standards. The portal UI was generic, with no look and feel of the company’s brand.
  • Expensive and inefficient support. Maintaining the portal consumed too much of the company’s resources and called for optimization.

Iflexion’s team of UX and web designers was to carry out the following tasks:

  • UX/UI redesign and modernization to make the website user-friendly and thus improve user satisfaction and retention
  • Incorporating the company’s look and feel to foster the corporate culture
  • Content restructuring
  • Making navigation more intuitive
  • Providing support and maintenance of the website


Our web portal UX design team started off with a thorough user research to understand the needs of the customer’s employees and address them with an elegant and easy-to-use interface. We created a persona for each user role, analyzed their behavior on the portal, and came up with optimal user scenarios for each of the personas. This research phase allowed us to design the UX and UI that could satisfy each user and thus ensure a higher adoption rate for this corporate portal. 

In order to further optimize the UX, our team reworked the content structure in line with the accepted usability standards and improved the portal navigation considerably. We added content asset summaries, metadata management, and categories to make the multi-format information in use by the company’s sales teams more readable and searchable. 

Next, Iflexion’s team moved on to modernizing  the graphic elements, relying on the latest UX/UI design trends such as minimalism and flat design. Focused on clarity, simplicity, and functionality of each element, the new design ensures a smooth and pleasant user experience.

To adjust the portal design to the corporate brand book, we updated the color scheme and ensured that the typography and layout both complied with the customer’s style guide.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Satisfied with our contribution, the customer engaged Iflexion in the ongoing support and maintenance of the portal, transferring this task from their third-party hosting provider to our specialists. We suggested a cost-effective collaboration model that was also more efficient in terms of addressing ad-hoc portal improvement requests. Within the frame of these support services, Iflexion implemented a plug-in for instantly displaying uploaded files, as well as enhanced the access rights distribution module.


Through the in-depth portal UX and UI redesign, Iflexion’s team gave a new lease of life to the customer’s sales knowledge management hub. From the moment it was deployed, the portal traffic grew 20 times, thanks to the improved navigation patterns relevant for the sales staff and the elegant design adjusted to particular user roles’ needs. 

The uniform design that corresponded to all other corporate interfaces helped the customer to maintain a professional look as well as further contributed to quick user adoption. 

The technical support service plan offered by Iflexion allowed the customer to cut on their portal maintenance expenses and keep up its improvement.

Utterly satisfied with the project outcome and the positive feedback received from the portal users, the customer continues collaborating with Iflexion on a number of subsequent projects.

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