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Meet our expert panel

Meet the scientists and health professionals on our Nutrition Academy expert panel 

Academic Advisory Panel

Professor Tom Saunders

Honorary Nutritional Director at HEART UK
Emeritus Professor of Nutrition & Dietetics at King's College London

Professor Gordon Ferns

Professor of Medical Education and Metabolic Medicine, Brighton and Sussex Medical School and Honorary Consultant in Clinical Biochemistry Brighton and Sussex University Hospital


Professor Gary Frost          

Section for Nutrition Research, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Imperial College London

Dr Ian Davies

Nutrition Scientist, Liverpool John Moores University


Twitter: @IanGDavies 

Dr Tom Butler

Senior Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics, University of Chester

Dr Sarah Berry 

Senior Lecturer, Kings College, London

Twitter: @saraheeberry

Catherine Collins

ICU Dietitian at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Alan Flanagan, MSc (PhD Candidate)

University of Surrey


Clinical Working Group

Lynne Garton

Dietetic Adviser, HEART UK


Helen Stracey

Chief Dietitian, Chelsea and Westminster

Catherine Flannagan

Senior Dietitian, Addenbrooks

Fiona Kineer

Research Dietitian, University of Bristol

Kayleigh Green

Senior Dietitian, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham Trust, Specialising in Cardiology and Lipids

Jo Trengroth

Independent Nutritionist

Tricia Baxendale

Independent Registered Nurse/ Nutritionist

James Wimbury


Cardiology and Diabetes Specialist Dietitian, Addenbrooke’s Hospital