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Win up to £25,000 Jackpot every week!

Each entry costs just £1. When you join the lottery you’re allocated your own 6-digit lottery number. A random winning number is drawn every Friday – the aim is to match the winning number. If your digits are in the same positions as the digits in the winning number sequence, you win a prize.

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Six digits in the correct place wins £25,000
Five digits in the correct place wins £1,000
Four digits in the correct place wins £25
Three digits in the correct place wins five prize entries into the next draw 

All winners are notified and cash prizes are posted by cheque automatically if you win and prize entries are automatically entered into the next draw -  so you can’t miss out!

For every £1 entry at least 50p goes directly to improving the lives of people with high cholesterol. The rest goes towards running the lottery and the amazing prize!

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Responsible Gambling

HEART UK is committed to responsible gambling. To find out our lottery provider's rules, visit the Unity website 

The promoter of this Unity Lottery is HEART UK, 7 North Road, Maidenhead SL6 1PE. HEART UK is licensed and regulated in Great Britain by Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead account number SL00042. 

Playing the lottery helps people like Kath and her family

"There was a history of heart attacks in my family. Eventually I got tested and discovered I had a cholesterol level of 9.6 and likely Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH).  I changed my lifestyle and have been on medication ever since. I consider myself lucky that I was diagnosed young and that HEART UK have always been there to support me"